Ideas on Engaging Students with New Technology

Q: How to use technology to engage students?

A: Here’s a video with some ideas based in research.

It is amazing they didn’t use any pictures in that video about using pictures, but I guess they took into account their audience…

Here’s an interesting site which could be linked to a lesson on simple machines… (external link)

The bottom line is pictures can do almost anything. Digital cameras can be purchased for under $200 and disposable digital cameras are also available (Be careful not to get the ones you have to sent to Kodak to be processed!).

Engage them on their level. Use pictures for a quick way into technology.

Remember: Stop Lights Timed For 35 MPH Are Also Timed For 70 MPH. Technology allows differentiation. By going slow and teaching them one technology at a time, you might just be boring them to death. Maybe it isn’t ADHD. Maybe they are just tuning you out. Maybe after spending the last three years putting in 20-30 hours of after school time online, social networking, using wikis, podcasts, blogs, photsharing and worldwide collaborative gaming, some of them really don’t need a lesson on how to insert a picture in a WORD document.

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