A Different Type of Student Newspaper

I’ve got a new gig as Journalism and Media Adviser at a public high school here in the same system in which I’ve been working.

We created an online newspaper. It’s interesting. The high school is what is called “Alternative” which means we have students who are just a little too grown up to put up with cheer leaders and jocks.

We have 250-some students working a 4-block schedule and no football team or other sports.

We do have 46 some parents among our student body and a host of other uber-talented folks who have a lot to say.

The new newspaper, The Mountain View Mirror, can be found at mtviewmirror.com.

Here’s the 101st post, which I wrote about reaching 100. http://mtviewmirror.com/the-mountain-view-mirror-newspaper-reaches-100-posts/