To Have and Have Not

April 15, 2014

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Now I’m reading Hemingway, and Ravitch …

Hemingway wrote:   “They’ve got to get rid of us.  You can see that, can’t you?” “Why?” “Because we are the desperate ones.  The ones with nothing to lose.  We are the completely brutalized ones…we have been beaten so far that the only solace…and the only pride is in being able to take it.”  And later, the lead character take a final breath and utters life’s lesson, “No matter how, a man alone ain’t got no bloody … chance.”

Cyber-Bullying is Just Bullying

by Mark February 10, 2014 technology

There’s a saying that the music is not in the piano and, in the same way, the learning is not in the device. One could add, “Bullying is not in the software, app or device”. Social Media in and of itself is not “Harmful”.  Bullying is harmful, the medium is not.  The medium does make […]


A Different Type of Student Newspaper

by Mark December 1, 2013 technology

I’ve got a new gig as Journalism and Media Adviser at a public high school here in the same system in which I’ve been working. We created an online newspaper. It’s interesting. The high school is what is called “Alternative” which means we have students who are just a little too grown up to put […]


Tips for Writing Well

by Mark September 12, 2013 instruction

5) Punctuate so somebody else can read it out loud and it would sound the same. Sales and Marketing: 1) Know your audience 2) Wirte in a way appealing to them.


Service Request

by Mark April 26, 2013 Memos_To_Staff

TO:  SOUNDFIELD SYSTEM TECH SUPPORT We have about 25 systems. One of them is possessed (and by “possessed” I mean in the technical sense).  When the wall unit is turned on, it intermittently emits a wailing sound like a small child got a hold of the mic and was pulling our leg – but that […]


Managing & Leading

by Mark April 23, 2013 instruction

Martin Luther King Jr. said, “A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.”  Less often quoted, King followed that line by uttering, “Where there is no consensus, there is no leadership.” The ITRT’s job has grown at the exponential rate of technology.  As Moore’s law has it, doubling every […]