Little Brother

Here’s an email I sent the staff today …. activating “Little Brother” the most disturbing of all dystopian visions…

In the novel 1984 George Orwell outlined a dystopian world in which government cameras monitored all of us, coining the term “Big brother is watching.” In our modern world the power has shifted and it’s “Little Brother” (or your students) that have all the power.
1) The Power to record events and happenings in your room.
2) The Power to record assemblies, concerts, and reader’s theater.
3) The Power to record a warm afternoon on the playground or a fire drill.

We could really use pictures you (or your students) take around the building.
We have 150 families who follow us on Facebook. We have a student newspaper that needs ideas.
If you take pictures and send them to me I can post them. I can also have 5th graders write stories for the Terrace Times using these photos.


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