To Have and Have Not

Now I’m reading Hemingway, and Ravitch …

Hemingway wrote:   “They’ve got to get rid of us.  You can see that, can’t you?” “Why?” “Because we are the desperate ones.  The ones with nothing to lose.  We are the completely brutalized ones…we have been beaten so far that the only solace…and the only pride is in being able to take it.”  And later, the lead character take a final breath and utters life’s lesson, “No matter how, a man alone ain’t got no bloody … chance.”

We Heart It, semi-colon close parentheses.
Our hyperlinked life fosters shallow paranoia
Superficial fear, overthinking the points of silence.

And binary sarcasm doesn’t tell
Except to worst enemies, and best friends.

There in lies emoticons’ use
Roughshod road signs, for the momentarily emotionally disabled.

Emoticons are among the irritating things
Written emoticons, worse.

Removing meaning from dialog
Debasing language, a junk food trope.

As simile or metaphor, useless
Comparing two things, one unknown and one vapid.